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A month ago today, U.S. forces bombed a Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Afghanistan. Military officials came up with conflicting stories after the fact, before the president offered an apology and meager restitution, but nothing else. MSF maintains the military knew the GPS coordinates of the hospital beforehand and says the bombing went on for half an hour even as hospital officials were on the phone trying to get someone to stop the raid. Thirty people died, including three children. MSF staff say patients in intensive care were burning in their beds.
This was all done with your tax dollars, with a Nobel Peace Prize winner as Commander-in-Chief. Bombing hospitals is a war crime, under the rules established by the Geneva Conventions.
More recently, Saudi-led coalition forces bombed another MSF hospital in Yemen. Again, military forces had the GPS coordinates of the hospital beforehand, leading MSF officials to conclude the bombing was deliberate.
MSF, itself also a Peace Prize recipient for its tireless work in bringing medical care to people who otherwise have no access to it, is demanding an independent investigation, but the U.S. refuses to cooperate, insisting on doing its own internal investigation. We all know how that will end.
I’ve chosen to help by becoming a $10-per-month Field Partner to support MSF’s ongoing humanitarian work around the world. But we all need to do more. Support MSF in their call for an independent investigation. People who commit war crimes need to be held accountable for their actions.
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