About a week ago

About a week ago, this one was born. Here’s her first pages. I was on a a plane back from Athens, and I was ridiculously sick with all sorts of insulin pump trouble, so I sorta missed the feeling of triumph that happens when a book comes out. Hence today!
This book is dark. It’s about what happens when love doesn’t save you, and about doing the work of saving yourself. I think that if you know me, you probably know this is something I think about all the time – the narrative of saving another person, and how flawed it is. Same time, I love love, and I know how powerful it is. This book is about all of that, and also about skyships, a girl who has to be braver than she wants to be, the fear of growing up, the loss of the people you love most, whether duty is more important than certainty…whether safety is more important than fighting for justice.
So, yeah, it gets pretty real for a fantasy novel about a sky kingdom.
MAGONIA was about surviving the impossible. AERIE is about making a real life out of the strange hand you’ve been dealt. It’s about being a revolutionary. It’s about fighting. It’s about trusting people you thought you’d never be able to trust again. It’s about forgiveness.
I think it’s really good, but damn, it was hard as hell to write. I cried half the time I was writing it, because I’ve been where Aza is in this book, and it was hard going.
If you read it, and Magonia too, you can do me a huge favor by talking about it, in the world, here, twitter, anywhere. Books only find their way when they find their readers, and I think this one will speak to a lot of you, as much if not more than Magonia did. If you haven’t read these because you’re an adult, and it seems like they are for teenagers, nah. They’re YA category, but they’re for everyone.
And you talking about them, helping them find readers, means I get to write *more* books for everyone.
The next one for Harper Collins is the one I was writing in Greece, THE COMBUSTIBLE. It’s a very queer superhero and supervillain story about falling for your nemesis, questioning ALL binaries, and still trying to carry on the tradition you were born into – while changing the world. It’s full of love and glitter uniforms and the usual Maria brand: Weird Stuff That Makes You Sob. I’m so lucky to have a publisher who lets me do this kind of book.
One of the reasons they do is that people buy & like the books in public.
So, if you know someone who needs to read these books, or if you do, I’d love your voice out in the world saying so, giving them as gifts, mobilizing the girls in your world to fight the power. The last few days make it clear we always have more work to do.
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