AHHH!! I am very proud of this piece and so happy it’s live. It’s a hard, honest and necessary look at a place I really love – a Mexican, modern day version of the classic film “Chinatown.” The publication, Roads and Kingdoms, has been one of my favorites for a long time. I tried all year to be published there, submitting somewhere north of 10 pitches, all of which were rejected until this one.
Anthony Bourdain is the site’s principal investor and editor-at-large, and his desire to examine the intersection of travel, food and politics is exactly the kind of worldview I want to contribute to. This past February, I set my goal to get “in” here by December 31st. I guess I thought it’d be a benchmark of sorts. So, I’m coming in hot, just under the wire, per usual. Some things never change – sorry Mom! Thanks for reading.

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16 thoughts on “AHHH”

  1. Great article. I appreciate all the work that went into researching this. It’s a subject I’ve been concerned about for years.

    1. Thanks Wendy! I really appreciate you reading it, especially as a fellow writer and lover of the Valle. I tried hard to find a silver lining but there truthfully isn’t one at the present moment – nothing significant is being done.

    2. I know. And people who have lived there for generations are being priced out. Gentrification doesn’t just happen in the city!

  2. Thank you all – I’m so appreciative that you guys take the time to even read my long posts before getting to the article 🙂

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