Back to school

Back to school, back to school!
Seven years ago, almost to this day, I sat in an Advanced PR Writing class at Temple University, wondering what my future might hold. Tomorrow, I go back to campus as an ADJUNCT to teach that very class!
So excited, so honored, so humbled. Thanks to Gregg Feistman for believing in me then and now. I knew all that persistent follow-up would pay off one day
(On a most important note, who wants to join me for lunch at Richie’s Tuesday/Thursdays?!)

26 thoughts on “Back to school”

  1. Congrats! Welcome to being an adjunct. I’m in my third semester as one, so give me a call if you want to chat about ideas!

  2. Let’s get a lunch date on the calendar! I’m thinking of making a day of it, driving up in the morning, getting bagel hut and taking it to tuttleman where I’ll work while I wait for you (the only other person who prefers tuttleman to the tech center), lunch at Richie’s, possibly spending some time in the SAC and then maybe dinner at maxis

    1. OMG, this sounds like the most epic day ever. Shall we also go to The Reel, which was on our senior year bucket list, but never happened? Also, I love Tuttleman more, too!

  3. hahahaha senior year bucket list!! And I know, that was supposed to read that I was waiting for the only other person who prefers tuttleman (you) but I was not clear

  4. You will be doing great Jess! I thought you were starting in the spring semester… Sorry that I haven’t sent you my thing yet. Will send them to you first thing in the morning! Sorry!

  5. You are a AMAZING daughter….before you know it I will be first person in line at your book signing @ B&N (using my discount of course….lol)!

    1. Your students are very lucky to get you as a teacher…you truly love your job and even if they only learn your passion & enthusiasm for the job, they are/will be ahead of the game in their future

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