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 Perhaps the harsh winter of Hue, but the scene becomes illusory, and Hue cuisine goes to the heart. Hue tourism this season brings a new experience, which is unique to tourists, especially international visitors.
Perhaps not in our country, the winter brings unpleasant feeling as in Hue: cold and long rain, always feeling wet. Because of this cause, in the winter, domestic tourists to Hue tourism down. In return, international visitors tend to increase in recent years.
In Hue this December, it is not difficult to see the West delegation wearing a raincoat to explore the Hue heritage, or take a bicycle tour of the city. Nguyen Dinh Quyen, English guide (HDV) said, discover the heritage at this time there is always difference. For European and American guests, despite the rain, cold to where they still want to go, they always want to discover, experience the new, unique.
Beauty of the Perfume River in Hue
Beauty of the Perfume River in Hue
Truong Thanh Minh, Head of Tourism (Tourism Department) said, watching the rain, experience the rain and enjoy Hue cuisine is what visitors can not ignore when the Hue tourism in the rainy season. Guests can enjoy a bowl of soup, a bowl of hot beef noodles in the morning, combined with a little chili peppers, or "bite" a chili red fruit for cold winter days. Hue people are always mindful of food processing. For the cake, when visitors come to enjoy, the new owner begins to steam. Although wait a little bit, but in return are hot dishes, just blew to eat. Or enjoy the tea in Hue winter, visitors can eat hot tea powder, hot bean paste, hot taro … to add a little ginger to balance "yin and yang".
In previous years, visitors to Hue at this time mainly Europe, North America, Australia. For the past two years, the North East Asia line has been increasing. Nguyen Van Thao, Korean language instructor said that many Korean tourists said that in terms of winter weather in Hue compared to Korea, their country is much harsher so, to Hue winter tourism is also a the shape of the winter.
Visitors to this central attractions on sunny days, also have the opportunity to enjoy the charm of Hue. The idea of ​​exploring Hue early in the morning was considered by some businesses. Unique feature is that, in the winter days, Hue sank into the fog, the streets, the trees in the visitor’s eyes become fanciful, impressive.
Be more active
At present, the concept of peak and low tourist points in Hue almost no longer, but it is the transformation of domestic and international tourists, because tourism Hue has its own attraction. Hue is focusing on building products in the sunny season, Hue tourism in the rainy season is lacking and no breakthrough products. Meanwhile, new international politicians spend a lot, bringing high profits for the tourism industry.
For now, "rain" is considered as the backbone of Hue tourism. It is time for Hue to turn weakness into advantage, building products associated with rain. In fact, since 2011, the tourism industry has planned to organize rain-related products that are experiential and suitable for enjoying the scenery of Hue Ancient Capital: Forming rain-watching roads with many green trees The Pavilions have transparent roof architecture, display and sale of souvenir products, handicrafts; serving Hue specialties suitable for rainy days; building various types of entertainment in the house, folk games, music performances, listening to Hue music, exhibitions; Upgrading and improving transport means to help visitors watch the rain without worrying about getting wet … However, over 5 years, this idea and plan can not be effective. Some products are made, but not all. One difficulty has been identified as climate change. In recent years, the winter has a lot of sunshine, leading to lack of initiative in the construction of tours, links with rain.
Mr. Hoang Van Khanh, Director of Vietravel Hue said that the idea of ​​building products with rain is very good. However, there are some inadequacies that are not feasible. Poet Vo Quê comments, from idea to reality is a process. Successful pilots are needed. Which products are effective to apply mass. For example, the Hue cuisine area in the winter has not seen pilot implementation. It can be said that cuisine is the strongest product of Hue tourism in winter. Hue should focus, priority on food. The State creates a mechanism, develops a plan for the location of reasonable space, can choose Chi Lang or Bao Vinh ancient town and mobilize local people to do. Firstly, call on local people to make suitable dishes, suitable for Hue rainy weather, or to gather the burden of goods and create income for the people.

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