Exactly one week from today

Exactly one week from today, Sinister Creature Con will be taking over Stockton, CA!! Their guest lineup is to die for, but undoubtedly the biggest news is the American Mary reunion!! Not only will the amazing Soska Twinsies Jen & Sylvia be there, but so will the divine Tristan Risk, and Mary herself, the stunning Katharine Isabelle!! It’s a rare opportunity to see all these incredible ladies under one roof!! Devastated I won’t be able to attend, but wishing everyone an unforgettable weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Exactly one week from today”

    1. American Mary World Tour!! 🙂 Definitely needs to be a thing!! I’d love to see em at Spooky Empire in FL in Oct as well!!

  1. Matthew Solomon I would love to meet them!!! They were at a Horrorhound in Cinci I believe a few years back. That’s the ONE I missed. I was so bummed to miss out.

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