Happy Flex Friday

Happy Flex Friday! It truly is a beautiful and wonderful day! I awoke to some clouds peeking at me, but now the sun is out, the birds are singing, and I am feeling the warm sun kiss my face and body! What a day to appreciate! Today I am struck so hard with feelings of gratitude and joy that I can’t help feel excited and loved by my life!
Picture: Since it is #flexfriday I thought a good picture of me from the NPC LA Champs back in 2007 (I won the HW class, but lost the Overall. I was very happy because Shavis Higa beat me for the overall! Awesome physique… he would go on the next weekend to Win at USA Champs and earn his pro card. Made me feel good).
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
Today I feel my wonderful feelings of joy and excitement flowing through me like never before. I am so fortunate to feel these deep feelings of appreciation for all the people in my life, for the experiences that I am having, and for the good future that I expect. I know I say this kind of thing a lot each week in my meditations, but I say these things because these sensations and feelings are always on my mind. I seemingly can’t take my mind off them most days. But I know that what I give my energy to will always gain power and momentum in my life. So gratitude, joy, love and excitement are the feelings that I am giving my energy to these days, and thus they have gained so much momentum that I can’t help but think and speak about them. I can’t think of any better way to live, but in a consistent state of joy, of love and of excitement for what is to come! I now know that the details of what I have today, what I will have tomorrow, who I will be with in my life, and what experiences I ultimately have really doesn’t matter at all as long as I can feel the wonderful feelings of joy and of happiness that I have been feeling form my life so vividly these days.
What I have done most differently in the past year, has been where I place my attention and my approach to my dislikes of my life. I have adjusted my attitude toward what I receive and what I have. But most poignantly, I have been pushing my fears and my worries aside and giving them far less of my mental energy, less time in my thoughts, less action trying to control them, and less conversation about them. And what I have experienced is a powerful sense of knowing my own power. I feel I have taken control of my life in a way that has given me the ability to feel my positive emotions when I choose to. By the focus of my attention, I am mastering my own ability to find the feelings that I want to have whenever I want them. That isn’t to say that everything goes as ideally, but it is to say that I feel wonderful about everything no matter if I planned for it or not. My certainty about my own sense of goodness and the positive future that I know is always coming to me is so very clear today. This is a powerful tool that I am using to create my awesome life. I know that when I focus and follow love, I get so much love. When I focus and follow joy, I receive an abundance of joy. And when I focus and follow excitement, wow… I get to feel how exciting everything before me really is! So many people have been telling me lately that they can feel and see a difference in me. I know that what they are seeing are the consequences of me following my bliss more consistently and turning my attention away from negative emotion and reaching toward something a little better.
I am love. I am joy. I am so very happy to be where I am and to be the ME That I am.

14 thoughts on “Happy Flex Friday”

  1. Great shape, super photo.
    Without reading or knowing you, a really flippant comment might be, “looking a little tense, there Tad!”. Ignore that.
    Perfect smile for it all.

  2. Since I’ve known you back in the ’80s it never ceases to amaze me how much of a beast you have become. Looking good Brother.

    1. Thank you Rob! You know I love you brother. You knew me when I was in HS and I was just a little guy.. now let’s get in that old mustang thing of yours and pick up some chicks! LOL

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