Happy #FlexFriday

Happy #FlexFriday! Today has been a fast and furious day! I am on my wonderful ride and I think it is relax time for me this weekend. I am still debating where I should go to the Universe tomorrow. I have people competing who I want to celebrate with. But I have traveled a lot and was thinking of just relaxing at home with Conan.
Picture: Me at the North Americans, when it was in Cleveland, OH competing… #FlexFriday you saw my side chest of today, now this is 2005!
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
What a glorious day today. I feel the joy of my life breath its purpose over me today! I am loved by the Universe I know. I am love. I am joy. I am good. These are my mantras, which many who read my daily meditations have heard me say over and over. I say them to affirm the “ME” that I know that I am. It is so important for me to affirm my goodness and my wellbeing. I know that my life is all about what I think, believe and feel. To say “I am” is a declaration to me and the Universe of my goodness! And I affirm my goodness, my perfection, my sense of love, my feelings of appreciation as often as I can. I affirm it over and over because when I do, I know that it strengthens me, and allows more of my wellbeing to flow to me and through me! My life is all about my feelings. Who I am, is a reflection of what I feel. And you will know me when you feel the wonderful feelings that I give. I only have smiles. I only have hugs. And I only offer as much understanding as I can muster. The rest is often inconsequential.
Today, affirm who you are! Don’t be afraid to speak the goodness that you are. And never hesitate to embrace the beauty that is YOU. We are all so well loved in this life. And when you speak, and can feel the pure love of self, then all you will want to do is share it with others. Why? Because you will have figured out the greatest misunderstanding of this life. Which is that getting love from others, while awesome, fails in comparison to the giving of love that we direct at those around us. Because when we give love, we align ourselves with our truest self, which I can only describe as the energy of love. And that always feels the best! Most people want love to come to them, so that they can feel the wonderful feelings and this affirms within them. Its all validation you see, and this speaks to you knowing who YOU really are. When you really know that you are a being of love, expressed physically in this experience, with the sole purpose of feeling joy, then you don’t need anyone or anything to assure you of your worthiness of it. It is who you naturally are. Embrace it, follow your good feelings, and always know that no matter what lies before you, that you were made perfect and it is your birthright to feel the life of happiness that we all want. Love and warm energy to you all always!

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  1. God Bless you and the positivity you share with all who know you! You are truly a special and dynamic person:)

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