I am up early today

I am up early today, even after a late evening working on diet plans and show prep changes. My morning rituals are done and I am writing. Then I am off to the gym to hit some arms!
Picture: Me after my chest workout yesterday. Wow… it is so easy for me to lose weight and flatten the hell out. But I do like that I can eat sour gummies before bed. LOL
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
I am back in my good feelings once again. This last week has been a little challenging for me on a few different levels. I took some time off for the fourth and went to Vegas to decompress, assess and just have some fun, but what I came away with at times was more questions for myself about my life. I met new friends, I ate nice food, I played in the sun and pool, and I danced with joy in my heart. It was therapeutic and it was needed. In spite of all my merriment, I find myself asking for more from my life. Asking what must I do now? I know this probably seems vague, but I know that what I want in my life is a less ambiguity and more specificity, less haziness and move clarity, less uneasiness and more ease.
I know that I induce all of my quandaries upon myself. But I also know that I am thankful for all my experiences. I am thankful for all my questions. I am thankful for all my trepidations in this life. Because I know that it is my uneasiness, my discomfort and my pain that inspire me to reach for more in my life. I could not want so much, until I felt what it feels to have so little in any area of my life. So, I spend my time these days appreciating my life more now than I ever have, and when I do, I can see how each wonderful element has produced more wonderful outcomes and yes, greater questions for my life.
I am a thinker at heart, I always have been. The reason why I ask questions of myself, my life and my world is because I want true self knowledge, but most of all, I want to understand and to feel the power of joy in my life. I am what I feel, and my life will be the sum of all my feelings in this experience. What a grand adventure we all get to embark on when we live. There is so much fun to be had out there in this world. There is so much love to feel in our lives. And there is so much fun to taste in our experiences if we just stop and pay attention to who we are, and what we can feel.
So today, know that your life is so very good and working for your advantage always. Know that any contrasting feelings, questions or issues in your life has the power to inspire you to move beyond them in such unique and powerful ways. And know that no matter what you seek in your life, you will find it, if you just stop in your powerful NOW, and feel your way to it. Everything we all could ever want can come to each of us, if we ask with a feeling of knowing that everything really is working out for us all and that we are already worthy of it all. Because certainty is the the currency that you will need to spend in order to have anything you want. There is so much love out there for us all if we are willing to feel for it. Love and warm energy to you all.

17 thoughts on “I am up early today”

  1. Beautiful post Coach! I feel the same feelings you write about today. Thank you for such an eloquent expression!

  2. 🙂 appreciate that Tad Inoue & how encouraging you have been. really truly helped me. I am very happy with this look and will keep improving!! xo

  3. Karen Yoakum I know you will. Just keep your mind on your vision… don’t listen to anyone who would try to tell you anything different. You are awesome sauce!

  4. You are such an amazing human on so many levels Tad Inoue. The world needs more people like you!!!

    We are so sad we didn’t get to see you for your bday while you were in town. But hopefully the next time you are here!! We will also be in Florida in a few weeks as well!!

    1. Thank you Stacy, no worries. I live you and Greg! We will get together soon. And I will see you at the O! You superstar!

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