I have a problem~

I have a problem~!
For some time now, I’ve seen lots of photographs posted, by women who shall we say look quite provocative while claiming to be a Christian~! It’s certainly not the worst sin but it starts to get really serious when they are “married” women~!? In most cases, every one of their profile pics, are that way and changed up rather often~!
Now I won’t, or can’t, say anything about the husbands as far as how they feel~! However, if it were me, I wouldn’t let her post pictures, that make it look like she is trying very hard, to impress all the other men out there~!!! There is a slight problem with me putting this out there, most of these women are my Facebook “Friends”~! That being said, I’m not judging anyone publically, but You probably know who You are…..and Husbands……if You have a beautiful wife (I’m not talking on the inside), I would check her Facebook page occasionally and see what her picture looks like from the point of view of someone who doesn’t have a wife at all~!
Now, all I can do is use Scripture to back up my point of view, or rather Yahweh’s point of view~!
Likewise also the women shall be modest in their fashion of dress, their adornment shall be in bashfulness and in modesty, not in braiding with gold or with pearls or in gorgeous robes, But with good works, just as it is suitable for women who profess the worship of God.
I’m sure You’d agree, that the provocative photos, would be part of a worldly point of view~!
That s the way I’ll leave it and let’s not make it a controversy but if You share my view at all…share it with other’s~?
If You don’t and have any negative comments, please be civil when You make them, better yet, run them by Yahweh first and let me know how that turns out for You~?
Positive returns bring Glory to Yahweh~!!!!!!!

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