If this is how Jesus does things

If this is how Jesus does things, then I guess the Gospels got him dead wrong.

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    1. Let’s see, being judged by the law [check], an angel sharing all your faults [check], blonde haired angels [check], blonde Jesus [check], and all white gathering, welcoming in another white guy [check] – yup, Mormon 🙂

    2. That was my first thought! I grew up with that picture. I believe it’s in the Bible Story books. Created a lot of fear and insanity in me

    3. From what I’ve found, the source of the image is Review and Herald Publishing Association, which is a Seventh-day Adventist publisher.

    4. Just waiting for Carman to jump in with parachute pants at any moment singing “Addicted to Jesus”.

  1. being an Ex-Seventh-day-Adventist…That photo makes my stomach clench…I think it is in some of their texts…maybe even the Children’s curriculum?!? possibly not…but it looks way too stinking familiar!

    1. I KNEW it! ugh…so glad I didn’t have the heart to read those to my kids although I was still Adventist when they were little….

    1. that is why i think it is Seventh-day Adventist…(i grew up in that denomination) they selectively choose the 10 and then some ceremonial laws about food (clean and unclean meats)

  2. If we prefer to live under the system of law or debt, then for one sin we would be judged as this picture shows. Which is why Jesus invites us to live under grace, whereby we seek to have a relationship with God as a friend. Not an employer relationship where we demand payment for work performed. Under the system of grace, we have forgiveness of sins. Under the system of law, we demand that God pay us for our work even though we don’t care to know him. This is the teaching of Scripture, the Fathers, and the Councils. God truly desires a real relationship with us.

  3. Who knew the elves of middle-earth were such sticklers for the Law? I guess we should just be thankful for the new wall they built between Amer-O-Lago and Mexico…but shouldn’t the 10 commandments be in Spanish? Blessings in your work.

  4. Functionally accurate for much of the church unfortunately, though many would voice somewhat better theology. But besides not having any connection with the Gospel, grace or love, what’s the problem? (Actually a better image might be Jesus right next to me with an arm around my shoulders, saying, “Let’s review your life together and see what there is to learn.”

  5. But let’s not forget the other commandments in the NT. If we only look at the Ten then we are backtracking to the time, context and history of the early Jewish people in the OT. For myself, I have moved on from “believe this or else”.

  6. when Jesus and the Gospel is indeed the stumbling block, but Christians haven’t stumbled over his message yet

  7. Who cloned Jesus in this picture — aliens?

    Does Jesus wash his hair with Tresemme or Garnier? Does he shave with Gillette, Bic, or Norelco? Does he make his garments, or are they manufactured in a sweatshop?

    Why is a televangelist being judged?

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