Is this thing on on Saturdays

Is this thing on on Saturdays? Anyway, I talk about why you should move to San Diego in this piece for Thrillist. My reasons: the city’s creative potential is still somewhat untapped, it’s a dynamic place for a-traditional career paths/lifestyles (the biggest culture shock moving here was that NOBODY cares ‘where you went to college’) and we’re at the confluence of a zillion different cool factors (beach, mountains, Mexico, greater SoCal).

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  1. As much as suspect that it is good marketing that gets most cities on lists like this, it’s always nice to see GR, and San Diego, on so many of them.

    1. I can’t speak for other publications but this particular piece was 100% editorially driven. There was no marketing, advertising or public relations involvement for this piece! Just good, old-fashioned editorial opinions.

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