No social issue matters if the planet is destroyed

No social issue matters if the planet is destroyed.

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  1. Agreed.
    What I don’t get is how so many people are denying the *facts.

    Aside from the political question of how we should conduct ourselves in light of the facts, we can’t even agree on the facts….and maybe worse, that there are facts.

    It’s maddening.

    1. the dissent isn’t associated with your *facts*. it is the propagation of fear that for some reason seems justifiable on a mass scale. reminds me of the “war of the worlds” hysteria.

    1. Even if you think the earth isn’t going anywhere, does that mean we shouldn’t be responsible in the way we interact with it?

    1. You haven’t done your own homework with such a statement. Stop wasting people’s time with your ignorance.

  2. We are called to care for the planet. It is the first job that God gave to us. WE will not destroy the planet, but that doesn’t mean that we can continue to trash it. Ok, so Trump is pulling us out of the Paris Accord….not good, but this is the question? Have I done everything within my power to clean up my section of Earth? Have you? Because we are far from powerless in this.

  3. What makes you assume that pulling out of a climate change accord will destroy the earth? Have you read the accord agreement? They are assuming this would cause a 1 degree difference if and i mean if everyone agrees to it. They aren’t sure, its a complete assumption. The earth has been warming up since the ice age. So who was at fault when icebergs melted in Arizona? If your going to spend trillions of dollars and that is what it would cost in the long run, wouldn’t it be wise to have facts not assumptions? Just my thought!

    1. Worldwide temperatures have risen very sharply in the last century. As in, an exponentially faster spike than anything in the last several thousand years of Earth’s history. If there had been any icebergs in Arizona in AD 1900, they wouldn’t be there now. What took thousands of years would have happened in only a century. That’s how severely the global temperatures have spiked up.

      To say ‘the earth has been warming up since the ice age’ as if that clears humanity of any blame in causing climate change, or in caring for the environment, is severely misleading to the point of willful deception. has a helpful timeline to visualize the problem. It can’t be handwaved away. If we trust science enough to tell us there were icebergs in Arizona thousands of years ago, then we ought to trust science enough when it’s telling us we are causing our planet to cook.

    2. The earth in fact has not warmed up any faster than it did when the ice age was melting. There are too many scientist who disagree with your assumptions. Do I think we should be wise and diligent in making sure our water and air is healthy absolutely! Bad air and bad water us not healthy. Will it destroy the earth no! The earth was built to heal itself. But I dont want my family and future family to have to live in a earth healing itself. I also dont want my family to suffer economically and die of starvation because our country over spent and destroyed millions of jobs over assumptions that we are doomed because we happened to pull out of a bad accord deal. There are much wiser choices than this accord.

  4. People move across the planet destroying everything in their path. Unique wild life & surroundings. + the indigenous populations.

  5. If you wouldn’t trash your own house or poison your own backyard, why would anyone think it’s OK to do the same thing to the planet? Are we going to be good stewards or not? Even if you don’t believe the first thing about climate change, why would you still not want to treat your planet with love and respect and make sure it remains a healthy, beautiful place for future generations to live on?

    This is a pro-life issue. Life is fragile, and the earth is a precious gift. It’s not like we’re going to get another one.

    1. And even if we manage to find an Earth-like planet and get to it, do we really deserve it if we couldn’t take care of our home planet?

  6. My opinion is it could or could not be true. I just think the trillions of dollars being spent on the problem could be spent on so many more immediate problems. Also I think that we will develop technology that will better address the problem within the next twenty years

    1. what if the better technology to address the problem happens because we put money into solving the issue now—one often finds that we discover the best way through small levels of progress….the refrigerator began as an ice box, the car began as a horse drawn carriage….and people put money into discovering better ways to do what those things were doing, there were some things that needed to be added and somethings we found were unnecessary but that happens through trial and error, through investing time and money into the development.

    1. I wonder if it really is good for American jobs. As the rest of the world increases renewable energy sources and perfects that, do we get left behind because we are bringing back coal?

  7. I don’t think some of you realize how important this issue is. If you don’t believe in climate change then I strongly urge you to do more research on the topic. Is this something you really want to be wrong about?

    1. it isn’t about research. it’s about fear. have your facts. spout your flippin’ facts. but if you gin up fear your outcome won’t be pleasant and solutions will elude you!

  8. The problem is this treaty had little to do with environmental conditions and mostly about economic advantage. If this was a legitimate environmental treaty that applied equally across all nations and was something that could actually be enforceable that would be one thing but when nations like India and China which are far worse polluters are given a pass at the expense of the US, that becomes a political scheme not an environmental stewardship issue. None of these countries can hold a candle to the environmental measures the US has taken unilaterally over the last 50 years. As soon as they come up with a plan that does not hamstring the American economy just to pull our nation down and they get there own environmental houses in order we can talk. I have been to these nations and have seen the environmental catastrophe they are, and we are the ones who have to pay for their poor environmental stewardship? Don’t believe everything the media feeds you. Just because they slap the name “environmental” on it doesn’t mean it is. Maybe enviro-MENTAL

    1. I love pages like Jacob’s but I think social lefty believers get as out of joint as hard rightees do but on the political opposite spectrum. I think we should seek a radical middle with Christ which of course will offend lefties and righties alike, but oh well….

    1. The earth will exist, but will it live? Will it be a haven for life like it has for millions of years if we pollute and destroy it?

  9. Many generation have said it was over, the end is near. IMHO I think we will know the end is near when nukes begin to fly, you’re right social issues won’t matter then.

    1. Agree…..and it’s about an attempt to scare folks into accepting world wide centralized government control where the elite ruling class will be able to pollute all they want but will control our movements and the thermostat in our homes.

  10. Paris climate accord is nothing more than wealth distribution primarily funded by the United States… aka Socialism.
    It’s a scam, particularly if you consider that the worst offenders are it’s greatest supporters – like China.
    Americans don’t need global taxes on top of everything else we pay

    1. China -riddled with thousands of foreign businesses-particularly American set up to take advantage of cheap labor -just like Mexico and India.”Blaming the victim”

  11. Those asking for a biblical reference in support of environmental stewardship need look no further than the word, “dominion”. It did not mean to the Hebrews what it has come to mean to us. The Hebrew word implies protection, fulfillment and husbandry. Not exploiting, using up or polluting. It does also communicate the concept of “rule” but if we are to rule, as disciples of Jesus we must rule as He does. With justice, tenderness and always with the good of the other in mind.

    1. again that starts with the mind. it is very deceitful to presume allegiance to a government for this to happen.

    2. i am responsible for my own thoughts. i had previously been subject to a really gloomy prospect of creation and the future by misguided fundamentalists. i am not about to allow misguided *progressives* take me back to that same spot. “we’re all doomed! we have to fix it! here’s how!”. same plot different movie, i’m afraid….

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