PLEASE SHARE: People in TJ/San Diego

PLEASE SHARE: People in TJ/San Diego, do not work with Praxis Collective. They have completely plagiarized, word for word, my article with New Worlder that went live yesterday (and translated it into Spanish). They also stole the photos from One Bunk, Life & Food Jim Sullivan without crediting. They are planning to print it in their free magazine, as well. This is the second time something like this has happened to me and it’s hard to articulate how horrible it feels. Not to mention, I get paid for my words. Thanks in advance.

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    1. and thank you Mariana :* :* :* check out my other article about TJ that went live today, I just posted it. Duhagon is in it!

    2. Mariana Postlethwaite Topete Thank you for posting their reply to you. Total BS. We were thrilled, however, to feature your store in our original piece. 🙂

  1. IF Praxis Collective TJ does not remove Jackie Bryant’s commissioned article about Tijuana that originally appeared on New Worlder on 2/20/17, they will be subject to legal action, as well as Word Press revocation of their blog on their site. Original article — plagiarized word for word HERE.

  2. Hello, we feel very overwhelmed this situation has gotten completely out of context.
    We understand your point of view and would appreciate if you stop spreading out of context information. We understand your frustration with the situation, but we would’ve appreciated if you have contacted us before defaming our site with out of context information.
    For the moment we have made private our page, to clear things out. We were very surprised you clearly didn’t read our post completely. At the end of the post we cited all the sources included your original post via:New Worlder, with the link of the article. We don’t know were you obtained the information that we plagiarized your work, nor that we intended to publish it on our free magazine, itself your article has nothing to do with the free print.
    We never mentioned the article as ours, and we never intended to. We always cited the via which it was re-shared.We are very sorry this matter affected you in some way. But we hope this statement clears the situation. Cheers!

  3. Even if that were true, there is no reputable publication on Earth that would republish, in full, a piece published elsewhere without asking if they could do so. This is where the conversation ends. I will not be replying after this.

  4. What a bummer. I could only imagine the violation you feel. You are completely talented and I am proud to know you and be a part of your features. Keep your head up darling!

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