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Read the whole article, but pay special attention to my latest contribution in this Thrillist article: Guadalajara, Mexico. In the call for pitches, my editor told us the inspiration for this piece. “As writers and travelers, we’ve got a role to play right now, and part of it is to ensure people’s view of the world stays as wide and vivid and humane as possible. Another part of it is to write with fire, every day.” Obviously, I couldn’t agree more.

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    1. I so appreciate you reading and saying so! GDL is a great city, I already can’t wait to go back. It’s my pleasure to write about it. PLUS, I’m super committed to dispelling all the bullshit floating around about Mexico. I have a layover in GDL on my way home from Guatemala later this month and I think I’m gonna cab it to Tlaquepaque for dinner then head back to the airport.

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