Sharing some television memories

Sharing some television memories – a video of me celebrating Canada’s 125th birthday and one of my glamorous publicity shots. Having fun looking back at my TV past…I started out as a “Weather Girl” in 1980! Actually, I was on the television show “Romper Room” when I was 5-years-old. I guess that counts too.

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  1. Is romper room the show that when it ends she puts the seeing mirror up to her face and says “I see Janie I see Beverly and so on?

    1. Thanks Janie. Brings back a lot of memories for me and this 150th birthday.
      Vasey has always been my second home.

  2. Are you going to produce one for the 150th! You should see the magazine I posted that I picked up in Palm Springs honouring our 150!

  3. Great video Janie , it’s beautiful . You look amazing . It was fun to see Kate n Christie , they look so cute .

    1. Thanks Joyce! Happy we’re now Facebook Friends and we hope to see you in person sometime soon too. Hugs, Janie & Brian

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