Today, I awoke with a feeling of calm and excitement that I haven’t felt in awhile. Today my mantra is “I can smile!” So I have been all day! I am excited because I have such wonderful things percolating in my future and I am calm because I know they are coming so quickly. The calmer I become, the faster I manifest my good future.
Picture: Today I felt like a superhero today, so had to go with the Batman tank!
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
Today I allow myself to smile. I allow myself to realize my goodness and to allow all the wonderful things that I have wanted for so long to come into my life. And they all are in perfect timing. What else do I know about my life? I know my life is good. I know that I own every outcome, every experience and I own every feeling that I ever have. I know that I have joy in my life now, and I know that so much more is there for me if I continue to choose to reach for it. I know that I came to this life, not to work, not to suffer, not to be disappointed in it. But instead, I came into my life to have an awesome experience! I came to look for things that inspire me. I came to feel the excitement in everything before me. I know that I came here to see the love and joy that is all around me and to bath in it daily. I am so thankful that I have the wisdom, the insight, and the perspective to see just how beautiful my life really is. I appreciate that I am able to feel all of the good feelings that my life has to offer me. I appreciate my willingness and eagerness to find my joy, to find my happiness, and to always ask for more. I didn’t always have this willingness, but I have always had the power to do so.
I feel calm and confident that what I am experiencing today in my life, will be what I call “my great life.” And I am excited to be able to sit in the driver’s seat of my life’s grand vehicle. I have taken some scary turns, and I have been on some narrow roads. But today, I know that everything that has ever happened to me, and everything that I will experience, is really working for my benefit so beautifully. Today I know that I truly am perfection incarnated, and I can’t mess that up. I don’t have to earn my goodness. I do not have to become worthy of my dreams. But instead, my dreams become reality because I am already so very worthy of it all and more. We all are so worthy of all the wonderful things that we each want. Don’t be afraid to believe in everything, because our lives are always the manifestation of what we decide to believe about ourselves and what we decide to believe we are worthy of.
Today, trust in you! And know that YOU, the real YOU that is inside, is so very perfect. And none of us in this life must prove ourselves to anyone, nor do we need to make ourselves worthy of the beautiful desires and things that we each may want. But instead, each one of us was born into an entitlement of joy. And it is the birthright of each one of us to have the life that WE decide to believe in. Yes! The life we believe we are entitled to you will always create. So believe big. Dream big. And know with certainty that you are worthy of it all and so much more. Warm loving energy to you all.

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