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 Hua Khas is located in a beautiful valley in Nam Khat beautiful Mu Cang Chai town over 20km. The road to Hua Khong encompasses the undulating, undulating hills. The two sides of the road are green pine forest ngut thousand, are adorned terraced rice fields, corn fields, turnip greens.
The Hua Khong village is full of the Mong ethnic identity. Most of the houses in Hua Khe village are built side by side with sloping terraces, which seems to be the steps linking Hua Khe with mountains to harmonize. Rising to the sky. These terraced fields have existed for hundreds of years and are made up of handsome, diligent hands of the Hmong who make up huge landscape paintings with curved lines of talent. The H’mong house is mainly a house with a meditation room, where the ancestors worship and receive guests. Perhaps not familiar with the tourists to visit so all activities of the Hua Khats people are still normal, no offer taunting. The eyes, friendly smile, often shy of the mountain people, will help visitors easily integrate into the life of the village in the Northwest.
beautiful pictures of nature and people Mu Cang Chai
beautiful pictures of nature and people in Mu Cang Chai
Beside the spectacular and majestic scenery of nature, Mu Cang Chai Ecotourism Resort "Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge" shows up with pristine and exotic beauty. This 5-villa resort is inspired by the traditional roof of the Mongolian roofs of pine and Thai stilts, each home is named after nature: rice house, Son Tra House, corn house, tea house and pine house, these are also specialties of Mu Cang Chai land that the owner would like to introduce to visitors. The resort includes a dining room, a tea room and a large bedroom with a capacity of over 60 guests, decorated with natural materials, from rattan and bamboo furniture, pine wood beds, woven bamboo, wooden door frames or the use of blankets, gas, pillows and curtains are embroidered flowers, flowers are very sophisticated.

Come to "Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge" you will enjoy the fresh air, participate in traditional festivals, participate in activities with people such as gardening, picking the peach, digging planting rice, harvesting rice, threshing rice, embroidering or knitting craft items. Visitors can better understand the simple life and the essence of ethnic minority people, learn the customs and traditions of ethnic minority people. Experience the cultural identity will lack the poetic and perfect if you do not enjoy the food of local characteristics but processed to suit the taste of visitors: pigs Deep-fried rice with vegetables, sour bamboo shoots, black vegetables, wild vegetables, sour bamboo shoots … Especially in the air will be cold and enjoy the wine is cooked from the grain specialties of the Mongolian here, indulgent passionate people.

Experience the ecological tourism "Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge" at Hua Kha village to enjoy the fresh air, learn the lifestyle and cultural characteristics of the Mong people, will be interesting highlights in the Discover Mu Cang Chai land, then save forever.

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