Very exciting news today with the announcement of Royal Caribbean’s next cruise ship

Very exciting news today with the announcement of Royal Caribbean’s next cruise ship!

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    1. Carol Nothing to that effect, although the call I was on today was really just about Symphony. I’d expect that kind of info to come out next week with year-round caribbean announcement.

      Michael Bayley did say 1 Oasis class ship will go to Europe in Summer 2019

    1. Royal Caribbean CEO Michael Bayley just said on the phone call that Independence and Adventure of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale

    2. I cant wait to see where they place all the ships ugh the suspense is killing me but this is all so exciting at the same time

    3. Matt Hochberg Do you know what will be replacing Adventure in San Juan? I know Jewel is down there but are they adding another ship as well? Thank you!

    4. Laura No, I do not know at this time. Next week year-round Caribbean itineraries for 2018-2019 get released, so I’d expect to possibly see the answer then.

    5. Matt Hochberg, ok thank you! I just thought you might know since you are the all knowing cruising man 🙂 I will wait impatiently until next week!

    1. Wife and I went on Allure back in 2012. It was nice, however I hated making reservations for shows in advance. Plus everywhere you turned they were trying to get your attention to sell you an up charge item. It got annoying toward the end of the cruise. Lines were crazy long for a lot of things as well. At the end I realized that there is such a thing as too many people or too big of a ship. Not sure Id go on another 5000+ person ship again after that, but you never know.

    2. I’ve been on Oasis and Allure several times but never had the problems you described. Never had issues with lines or felt like we were stuck in a huge crowd. Sorry you had those problems.

  1. Matt Hochberg one more question and I’ll stop bothering haha. I’m going on the Oasis in June. in 2018, I want to take a cruise out of Tampa that hits Key West and a few other ports. Am I better off to book that cruise when it hits the RCCL website next week OR when I’m on Oasis in June?

    1. Since you live in USA, you should book next week and then check on Oasis in June if the price dropped. If it did, book onboard and cancel what you had booked previously. If it’s the same price (or worse), enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have the best price!

    1. 150CP is an Oasis staple. Something must be changing with it for them to leave it out of deck plans. Maybe the Oasis-class Wonderland experiment on Harmony didn’t get the results they wanted.

    2. When I said “issue”, I meant perhaps them committing to another venue on another ship. As in, what they have now is enough. Who knows, I’m just guessing wildly.

    1. Thank you! When I called Royal to ask about the holiday cruises for 18 into 19 they couldn’t even tell me that. Just said they had no idea when it would be released. You are gonna be my go to guy even more now!

    1. My advice is to use a travel agent. I’ve used MEI-Travel & Mouse Fan Travel for years and it’s SO worth avoiding that aggravation of web site problems, hold times, etc.

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