Yesterday at San Diego State University

Yesterday at San Diego State University – one of the largest providers of education to underserved communities in the United States – an institution we are VERY proud to be a part of. My husband has been on this mailing list and a professor at State for almost two years and has never ever heard anything like this. This is why we are scared. Our fears are valid. We deserve to be able to speak up. What are you doing to reject the hatred and bigotry Trump’s campaign inspired?

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  1. sad … the universe has a slow arch to both evil … & justice. we need to keep it on the right path inspite of current events …

  2. I will! Stay tuned! I also want to add that underserved communities doesn’t mean just ethnic and religious minorities (not that it should matter). Veterans, adult students who are coming “back to school”, those with physical and developmental disabilities, etc. this shit hurts everyone.

  3. There was a man walking around Pacific beach telling his friends “go ahead bro, grab em by the pussy!” Following women around.
    In Mass. a Latina nanny who I know was dropping kids off at school and someone yelled at her to “go home, we have OUR president now”….. In front of the children.
    I am heartbroken.

  4. This is awful. I would like to offer myself up as the ‘buddy’ part of the buddy system, especially for those who may be a target.

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