*You’re an example*

*You’re an example*
2 Samuel 12
14 But because of what you have done, the *LORD’s enemies do not *honour him. So your son that has been born will certainly die.’
David was an example to both his people Israel, and the other countries because the Lord made him great. The peculiar thing about David was his *obedience* to God. Even the enemy countries knew that David obeyed God. But he lost that quality.
You’re a leader in your church/school. You’re a public figure and people know your values. They watch you, *both admirers and haters.* David’s sin caused his enemies to blaspheme against God. They didn’t honour God because David messed up. Are you messing up at the position God has given you? Are you the reason why others take God for granted?
Be an example, a good example to others. Honour God at all times. Feelings will arise, challenges and temptations too. But then remember that they are just visitors, they’ll go away. The consequences of What the feelings will lead you to do(bad things) are those that will stay in the minds of people. Be watchful and mindful.
Great morning
Quarshie Benedicta

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